Nursery Catalog

5/24/23Please note - prices are subject to change, particularly for overwintered plants.
ACHILLEA m.'Coronation Gold'Golden Yellow Jun-Sep 30-36" Gray-green foliage with large flower heads.Yarrow1galyes
ACHILLEA m.'Little Moonshine'Yellow Jun-Sep 8-12" Silvery-green fern-like foilage.Yarrow1gal
ACHILLEA m.'Moonshine'Yellow Jun-Sep 18-24" Silvery-green fern-like foliage.Yarrow1galyes
ACHILLEA m. 'New Vintage Violet'Bold Violet Jun-Sep 12-14'' Deep-green foliage.Yarrow1gallimited
ACHILLEA m.'Oertels Rose'Rose pink ages to white Jun-Sep 12-15" Silver-green fern-like foliageYarrow1gal
ACHILLEA m.'Paprika'Ruby Red/Yellow Jun-Sep 18-24" Striking flowers sit atop fern-like foliage.Yarrow1gal
ACHILLEA m.'Pomegranate'Pomegranate Red Jun-Sep 18-24" Yarrow1gal
ACHILLEA m.'Saucy Seduction' Rose-pink/white eye . Jun-Sep 18-24"Yarrow1gal
ACHILLEA p.'Peter Cottontail' White Jun-Sep 18-24" Low mounding habit covered with clusters of white flowers.Yarrow1galyes
ACONITUM c.'Arendsii'Blue Sep-Oct 36-48" Dark green foliage. Tall flower stalk.Monkshood2gal
ACTAEA AtropurpureaIvory Aug-Sep 48-60" Bronze to green foliage. FragrantBugbane1gal
ACTAEA 'Chocoholic'Mauve Aug-Sep 36-48" Dark bronze foliage. Sweetly fragrant bottlebrush flowers.Bugbane1galyes
ACTAEA m.'White Pearl'White Aug-Sep 30-36" Lacy foliage. Tall wands of fragrant flowers.Bugbane1galyes
ACTAEA racemosa White Aug 48-72" Green foliage. Spikes of white flowers. Native to eastern USBugbane1gal yes
ACTAEA ram. 'Pink Spike'Pink Aug-Sep 36-60 " Finely divided chocolate purple foliage with fragrant pink flowers.Bugbane1gal
ACTAEA s.'Brunette'Lavender-Pink Jul-Aug 18-24" Globe shaped flowers atop shiny green leavesBugbane1galyes
ACTAEA s.'Hillside Black Beauty'Pinkish-White Aug-Sep 48-60" Dark purplish-black foliage.Bugbane1gal
AGASTACHE 'Black Adder'Lilac Jul-Oct 24-36" Long blooming hybrid.Anise Hyssop1galyes
AGASTACHE 'Blue Boa'Violet-Blue Jul-Sep 24-36" Upright clumping habit with bright green foliage.Anise Hyssop1galnew crop
AGASTACHE 'Blue Fortune'Lavender-Blue Jul-Sep 24-36" Long lasting flower spikes. Anise Hyssop1galyes
AGASTACHE 'Purple Haze'Bluish-Purple Jul-Sep 24-30" Upright habit. Long blooming.Anise Hyssop1galnew crop
AJUGA 'Chocolate Chip'Blue May-Jun 3" Miniature chocolate-brown foliage.Bugleweed1galavailable
AJUGA r.'Black Scallop'Violet Blue May-Jun 3-6" Glossy dark burgundy foliage. Bugleweed1galavailable
AJUGA r.'Burgundy Glow'Blue May-Jun 4-6" Soft burgundy, white and green foliage.Bugleweed1galavailable
ALCHEMILLA m. 'Auslese'Yellow Green Jun-Jul 12-18" Soft green foliage.Lady's Mantle1gal
ALCHEMILLA m.'Thriller'Wispy Yellow Jun-Jul 12-24" Slightly larger than species; prolific blooms.Lady's Mantle1galyes
ALCHEMILLA s.'Gold Strike'Chartreuse Jun-Jul 12-14 Velety gray-green foliage, compact habitLady's Mantle1galyes
ALLIUM 'Millenium'Rose-Purple Jul-Aug 12-18" Upright and clump forming. Globe shaped flower.Ornamental Allium1galyes
ALLIUM 'Summer Beauty'Lavender-Pink Jul-Aug 18-24" Globe shaped flowers atop shiny green leaves.Ornamental Allium1galyes
ALLIUM cernuumPink Jun-Aug 12-18" Umbrella shaped cluster of flowers on long scape. Nodding Onion1galyes
ALLIUM schoenoprasum Chives . Light Purple May-Jun 12-15" Clumping habit. Culinary herb.Ornamental Allium1galyes
ALLIUM tuberosum Garlic Chives . White Aug-Sep 12-18" Fragrant blooms. Culinary herb.Ornamental Allium1gal
ALLIUM t.'Geisha'Garlic Chives. White Aug-Sep 12-18" Fragrant blooms. Culinary herb.Ornamental Allium1galnew crop
AMSONIA 'Blue Ice"Periwinkle Blue May-Jun 12-16" Compact bushy habit with clusters of blue flowers. Blue Star Flower1gal
AMSONIA 'Blue Ice'Periwinkle Blue May-Jun 12-16" Compact bushy habit.Blue Star Flower2gal
AMSONIA hubrichtiiLight Blue May-Jun 36" Tall habit. Feathery foliage with bright yellow foliage in fall. Blue Star Flower1galyes
AMSONIA hubrichtiiLight Blue May-Jun 36" Tall habit. Feathery foliage.Blue Star Flower2gal
AMSONIA tabernaemontanaBlue Shades May-Jun 30-36" Erect. Clump forming habit. Yellow foliage in autumn. Blue Star Flower1galyes
AMSONIA tabernaemontanaBlue Shades May-Jun 30-36" Erect. Clump forming habit.Blue Star Flower2galyes
AMSONIA t.'Starstruck'Blue Shades May-Jun 20" Compact hybrid with later bloom time. Clean foliage.Blue Star Flower3galyes
ANEMONE canadensisWhite April/May 12-24" Native that can grow vigorously. Shorter and refined in shade.Meadow Anemone1gal
ANEMONE 'Dreaming Swan'White/Blue underside May-Sep 22-24" Continuous prolific blooms from spring until fall. Windflower1galnew crop
ANEMONE h.'Pink Saucer'Pink Jul-Oct 24-36" .Early blooming anemone.Windflower1galyes
ANEMONE h.'September Charm'Rose Pink Sep-Oct 24-36" Single blooms. Mounding habit.Windflower1galnew crop
ANEMONE t.'Robustissima'Pink Sep-Oct 24-36" Single blooms. Deep green foliage.Windflower1gal
ANEMONE x.h.'Lucky Charm'Dark Pink Sep-Oct 30-36" Unique foliage. Flowers have a dark stem.Windflower1gal
AQUILEGIA alpina 'Blue'Deep Blue May-June 12-16" Compact upright habit. Columbine1gal
AQUILEGIA canadensisRed/Yellow May-June 15-18" Bell-like flowers. Native.Columbine2.5"yes
ARALIAc.'Sun King'White Aug 36' Chartreuse foliage that is yellow in sun and lime green in the shade. Deer reistant.Golden Japanese Spikenard2galyes
ARCTOSTAPHYLOS uva ursi White May-Jun 6-12" Prostrate evergreen. Along lived native that is a hardy shrub for rocky or sandy sites.Bearberry1galyes
ARISAEMA triphyllumGreen.Purple May-Jun 18-24" Unique woodland native.Jack in the Pulpit1qt
ARONIAm.'Viking'White May 3-5' Native fruiting shrub. Great pollinator that is self fertile.Chokeberry2galyes
ARTEMESIA s.'Silver Brocade'Soft Silvery Gray 6-10" Scalloped leaves.Wormwood1gallimited
ARTEMESIA s.'Silver Mound'Feathery Silver Green Foliage 12" Compact mounded plant.Wormwood1gal
ARUNCUS aethusifoliusCreamy White Jun-Jul 8-12" Dwarf variety. Ferny foliage.Goat's Beard1galyes
ARUNCUS dioicusCream Jun-Jul 48-60" Shrub size, herbaceous perennial with a robust habit. NativeGoat's Beard1galyes
ARUNCUS doicusCream Jun-Jul 48-60" Large feathery clusters of smal white flowers that resemble an astilbe.Goat's Beard2galyes
ARUNCUS d.'Child of Two Worlds'Cream May-Jun 24-30" More compact version of the native species. Prefers moist shade.Goat's Beard1gal
ARUNCUS 'Misty Lace'Creamy White Flowers Jun-Jul 18-24" Dark red stems.Goat's Beard2galrooting out
ASARUM canadenseDeciduous May 6-12" Woodland native. Groundcover.Wild Ginger1qt
ASARUM europaeumEvergreen May 6" Dark green glossy foliage. Groundcover.Wild Ginger1qt
ASCLEPIAS incarnata Rose Pink Jul-Aug 36-48'' Native cultivar that tolerates swamps and wet meadows. Swamp Milkweed1gallimited
ASCLEPIAS tuberosa Orange Jul-Aug 24-30" Long blooming native prairie plant.Butterfly Milkweed1galnew crop
ASCLEPIAS t.'Hello Yellow'Yellow Jun-Jul 18-30" Golden yellow flowers on sturdy stems.Butterfly Milkweed1galnew crop
ASTER c.'Avondale'Pale blue. Aug-Sep 2-3'Blue Wood Aster1gal
ASTER div.'Eastern Star'White 12-18" Mounding. Part-full shadeWhite Wood Aster1galyes
ASTER d.'Wood's Light Blue'Medium Blue Sep 12-15" Dwarf variety. Floriferous.Michaelmas Daisy1gal
ASTER d.'Wood's Pink'Pink Sep 12-15" Compact & floriferous.Disease resistant.Michaelmas Daisy1galyes
ASTER d.'Wood's Purple'Purple Sep-Oct 12-18" Compact & floriferous. Disease resistant.Michaelmas Daisy1galyes
ASTER e.'Snow Flurry'White Sep-Oct 3-6" Low growing, dense carpeting groundcover.Heath Aster1galrooting out
ASTER l.'Lady in Black'Pink with dark stems. Aug-Sep 36-48" Bushy habit, plum-tinged leavesCalico Aster1galyes
ASTER n-a.'Alma Potschke'Rose-Pink Sep-Oct 30-36" Floriferous. Tall upright habit.Michaelmas Daisy1gal
ASTER n-a.'Purple Dome'Royal Purple Sep 18-24" Low rounded mound. Floriferous.Michaelmas Daisy1galyes
ASTER o.'October Skies'Sky Blue Sep-Oct 18-24" Aromatic foliage. Compact habit.Michaelmas Daisy1gal
ASTER o. 'Raydons Favorite'Lavender-Blue Sep-Oct 24-36" Aromatic foliage. Compact.Michaelmas Daisy1galnew crop
ASTILBESPrefers moist soil with dappled light or morning sun and afternoon shade.
ASTILBE 'Delft Lace' Soft Pink Aug 24-30" Later blooming. Lacy foliage.False Spirea1galyes
ASTILBE arendsii 'Bressingham Beauty' Dusty Salmon-Pink Jun 36" Tall selection with graceful arching early summer plumes. False Spirea1galyes
ASTILBE a.'Bridal Veil'Classic White Jun-Jul 28" Deep green foliage. Early blooming with a frothy plume. False Spirea1galnew crop
ASTILBE a.'Fanal' Red Jun-Jul 20-24" Earlier red. Vigorous habit.False Spirea1galnew crop
ASTILBE a.'Snowdrift' Bright White Jun-Jul 20-24" Pure white plumes that rise above deeply cut foliage. False Spirea1gal
ASTILBE a.'White Gloria'Snow White Jun-Jul 24-30" Medium height astilbe with stocky white plumes.False Spirea1galyes
ASTILBEchinensis 'Maggie Daley'Lavender-Purple Jul-Aug 28" Mid to late summer bloom with flowers on narrow panicles.False Spirea1galyes
ASTILBE c. 'Milk and Honey'Creamy white ages to light pink. Jul 28-30" Clump forming with narrow upright plumes. False Spirea1galyes
ASTILBE c. 'Pumila' Lilac-Rose Jul-Aug 10-12" Groundcover with upright plumes. A late blooming cultivar. False Spirea1gallimited
ASTILBE c.'Purple Candles' Purplish Rose Jul-Aug 36-42" Later blooming astilbe with statuesque plumes.False Spirea1galyes
ASTILBE c.'Purple Candles' Purplish Rose Jul-Aug 36-42" Later blooming astilbe with statuesque plumes.False Spirea2galyes
ASTILBE c.'Superba' Lavender Jul-Aug 36-42" Tall upright habit with plumes that rise above the foliage.False Spirea1gal
ASTILBE c.'Visions'Raspberry Pink Jul 15-18" Compact cultivar with mid-summer bloom. False Spirea1galnew crop
ASTILBE c.'Visions'Raspberry Pink Jul 15-18" Compact cultivar with mid-summer bloom. False Spirea2galyes
ASTILBE c.'Visions Inferno'Blush Pink Jul 15-18" Strong growth habit with soft pink plumes. False Spirea1galyes
ASTILBE c.'Visions in Pink'Bright Pink Jul 15-18" Robust clump forming habit with mid-summer bloom.False Spirea1galnew crop
ASTILBE c.'Visions in Pink'Bright Pink Jul 15-18" Robust clump forming habit with mid-summer bloom.False Spirea2gal
ASTILBE c.'Visions in Red'Purple-Red Jul 15-18" Clump forming habit. Red buds on red stems that bloom magenta.False Spirea1galnew crop
ASTILBE c.'Visions in Red'Purple-Red Jul 15-18" Clump forming habit. Red buds on red stems that bloom magenta.False Spirea2gal
ASTILBE c.'Visions in White'Creamy White Jul 15-18" Clump forming habit with compact linen white plume. False Spirea1galnew crop
ASTILBE japonica 'Deutschland' White June 18-24" Early blooming white with distinctive dark green foliage.False Spirea1galyes
ASTILBE japonica 'Deutschland' White June18-24" Early blooming white with distinctive dark green foliage.False Spirea2gal
ASTILBE j.'Europa'Soft Pink Jun-Jul 18-24" Early summer bloom with loose flower plumes.False Spirea1galyes
ASTILBE j.'Red Sentinel' Scarlet Red Jun-Jul 20-24" A favorite red with flowers on red stems and open, lacy panicles.False Spirea1galnew crop
ASTILBE j.'Red Sentinel' Scarlet Red Jun-Jul 20-24" A favorite red with flowers on red stems and open, lacy panicles.False Spirea2gal
ASTILBE j.'Rheinland'Clear Rose-Pink Jun-Jul 20-24" Early pink bloom with diamond shaped panicles. False Spirea1gal
ASTILBE j.'Rheinland'Clear Rose-Pink Jun-Jul 20-24" Early pink bloom with diamond shaped panicles. False Spirea2gal
ASTILBE j.'Washington'Creamy White Jun-Jul 24-28" Fluffy creamy-white plumes that bloom in mid summer. False Spirea1gal
ASTILBE s.'Hennie Graafland' Clear Pink Jul 16" Elegant flower plumes rise above distinct dark green, glossy foliage.False Spirea1galyes
ASTILBE s.'Sprite' Soft Pink Jul-Aug 10-12" Dwarf. Delicate pink blooms that covera compact mound of foliage.False Spirea1gal
ASTILBE thunbergii 'Ostrich Plume' Coral Rose Jul 32-36" Large, open and arching plumes on tall stems. Later blooming. False Spirea1galyes
BAPTISIA australisIndigo Blue May-Jun 36-42" Clump forming large native. Large seed pods add interest. False Indigo1galyes
BAPTISIA australisIndigo Blue May-Jun 36-42" Blue-green foliage. Tolerates light shade but prefers sun. False Indigo2gal
BAPTISIA 'American Goldfinch'Golden Yellow May-Jun 36-42" Native, floriferous cultivar. Spread can be 4-5ft once established.False Indigo2galyes
BAPTISIA 'Indigo Spires'Deep Violet / Yellow Jun 42-48" Densely branched fully rounded clump. Floriferous.False Indigo2galyes
BAPTISIA v. 'Royal Purple Prairieblues'Deep Purple May/June 36-48 Clump forming cultivar with large flower spikes. Vigorous.False Indigo1gal
BAPTISIA v. 'Twilight Prairieblues'Purple/Yellow May-June 48-60" Large clump forming hybrid with bicolor flowers.False Indigo 2gal
BRUNNERA macrophylla Periwinkle Blue May-Jun 12-15" Large green foliage.Alkanet1gal
BRUNNERA m.'Jack Frost'Periwinkle Blue May-Jun 12-15" Silver foliage. Green veins.Alkanet1galyes
BRUNNERA m.'Silver Heart'Periwinkle Blue May-Jun 6-12" SilverY foliage that tolerates some sun.Alkanet1galyes
BRUNNERA m.'Sterling Silver'Periwinkle Blue May-Jun 10-14" Silvery foliage with improved heat tolerance. Larger habit.Alkanet1gal yes
CALAMINTHA g.'White Cloud'White Jun-Oct 12-18" Aromatic, long blooming. Attrracts pollinators!Calamint1galnew crop
CALAMINTHA nepatoidesPale Blue Jun-Oct 12-15" Airy flower heads with aromatic foliage. Pollinator magnet.Calamint1galyes
CALAMINTHA n.'Blue Cloud'Pale Blue Jun-Oct 12-15" Aromatic. All varieties are deer resistant.Calamint1gal
CALAMINTHAn.'Marvelette Blue'Purple-Blue Jun-Oct 6-8" Aromatic.Calamint1gallimited
CALAMINTHA n.'Montrose White'White Jun-Oct 12-18" Aromatic, long blooming. Attrracts pollinators.Calamint1galyes
CAMPANULA c.'Clips Deep Blue'Blue Jun-Sep 8-10" Extended bloom if dead-headed.Clump forming habit.Bellflower1galnew crop
CAMPANULA c.'Clips White'White Jun-Sep 8-10" Extended bloom if dead-headed.Clump forming habit.Bellflower1gal
CAMPANULA g.'Superba'Violet Blue Jun-Jul 18-30" Clump foliage with spiked clustered flower stemsBellflower1gal
CAMPANULA port.'Blue Magic'Dark Blue Jun-Jul 8-12" Compact, uniform habit with extended bloom. Front of border.Bellflower1galnew crop
CERATOSTIGMA plumbaginoides Deep Blue Aug-Oct 8-12" Low groundcover. Fall color.Plumbago1galyes
CHELONE l.'Hot Lips'Rose-Pink Aug-Sep 24-36" Glossy foliage. Fall bloom.Turtlehead1galyes
CHELONE l.'Tiny Tortuga'Rose-Pink Aug-Sep 12-16" Compact native cultivar for the front of the border.Turtlehead1galyes
CHRYSANTHEMUM 'Sheffield'Salmon Pink Sep-Oct 24-30" Late fall color.Chrysanthemum1galyes
CHRYSANTHEMUM r.'Clara Curtis'Pink/Yellow Center Aug-Oct 15-18" Fall blooming; long-lived and hardy.Chrysanthemum1gal
CHRYSANTHEMUM 'Pink Bomb'Pale Pink Aug-Oct 6-12"Chrysanthemum1 gal
CHRYSOGONUM v.'Pierre'Bright Golden Yellow May-Jun 8" Groundcover.Golden Star1gal
CLEMATIS 'Henryi' Pure White May-Jun 8-10' Star-shaped blooms.Clematis1gal
CLEMATIS 'Jackmanii' Violet/Purple Jun-Jul 7-10' Prolific blooming hybrid with a lengthy history. Flowers are 5-7"wide.Clematis1gal
CLEMATIS 'Nelly Moser' Pale Pink/Mauve Bar May-Jun 6-10'Clematis1gal
CLEMATIS paniculata Sweet Autumn Clematis . White Sep-Oct 10-20' Fragrant blloms.Clematis1galyes
CLEMATIS v. 'Etoile Violette'Deep Purple Jul-Sep 10-12' Profuse summer bloom. Established favorite.Clematis1gal
COMPTONIA peregrinaGreenish Brown Catkin Apr-May 24-48" Native shrub with airy habit. Sweet Fern2gal
CONVALLARIA majalisWhite May-Jun 6-8" Fragrant nodding spring flowers.Lily of the Valley1qtyes
CONVALLARIA m. 'Rosea'Pink May-Jun 6-8" Fragrant. Delicate bell shaped flowers.Lily of the Valley
COREOPSIS 'Gilded Lace'Yellow/Dark center Jun-Sep 48-60" Large and shrub like with lacy foliage. Prolific bloomTickseed1galyes
COREOPSIS v.'Moonbeam'Pale Yellow Jul-Aug 18-24" Airy needle-like foliage.Tickseed1gal
COREOPSIS v.'Zagreb'Bright Golden-Yellow Jul-Aug 15-18" Bushy upright habit.Tickseed1galyes
DELPHINIUM g.'Blue Mirror'Bright Blue Jun-Aug 16-24" Vibrant blue flowers rise above deeply cut foliage.Larkspur1galnew crop
DELPHINIUM x.'Belladonna'Pale Blue Jun-Aug 36-42" Striking blue flowers. Attracts hummingbirds and bees.Larkspur1gal
DELPHINIUM x.'New Zealand Blue Lace'Sky Blue Jun-Aug 60" Densely packed spires of flowers with strong stems. Larkspur1galnew crop
DELPHINIUM x.'New Zealand Cobalt Dreams'Cobalt Blue/ White 60" Jun-Aug These hybrids are known for excellent form and habit. Larkspur1galnew crop
DIANTHUS g.'Tiny Rubies'Rose-Pink Jun 4-5" Double blooms. Mounding habit.Pinks1gal
DIANTHUS h.'Neon Star Improved'Hot Pink Jun-Aug 5-7" Compact mounded habitPinks1gallimited
DIANTHUS h.'Neon Star'Magenta Pink Jun 6-8" Blue-green foliage. Compact habit.Pinks1gallimited
DIANTHUS American Pie 'Cherry Pie'Cherry Red Jun-Sep 11" Blooms are carried on sturdy stems. Long lasting cut flower. Pinks1galyes
DIANTHUS American Pie 'Georgia Peach' Pale Blush/Coral Jun-Sep 11" Blue-green foliage with masses of free flowing flowers.Pinks1galyes
DICENTRA f.'Luxuriant'Dark Reddish-Pink May-Sep 12-15" Continuous bloom.Bleeding Heart1gal
DICENTRA s.'Yellow Leaf'Pinkish-Red May-Jun 24-36" Bright yellow-green foliage.Bleeding Heart1gal
DICENTRA spectabilisPink May-Jun 24-36" Arching stems of pink hearts.Bleeding Heart1gal
DICENTRA spectabilisPink May-Jun 24-36" Arching stems of pink hearts.Bleeding Heart2gal
DICTAMNUS albus White Jun 24-36" Aromatic. Upright habit. Slow growing.Gas Plant1gal
DIGITALIS g.'Ambigua'Butter Yellow Jun-Aug 24-30" Large bell-shaped flowers.Foxglove1galnew crop
DIGITALIS x.'Arctic Fox Rose'Rose-Pink Jun-Aug 18-24" Long blooming.Foxglove1galyes
DRACOCEPHALUM a.'Fuji Blue'Blue Jul-Aug 12" Needle-like foliage with spikes of snapdragon flowers. Dragonhead1galyes
ECHINACEA 'Cheyenne Spirit'Mix of Scarlet, Yellow and Orange 30-36" Floriferous and well branched.Coneflower1galnew crop
ECHINACEA pallidaPale purple Jun-July 2-3'Coneflower1 gal
ECHINACEA purpureaRose-Purple Jul-Sep 24-36" Eastern U.S. native.Coneflower1galyes
ECHINACEA p.'Magnus'Rosy-Pink Jun-Sep 30-36" Floriferous. Non-drooping petals Coneflower1galnew crop
ECHINACEA p.'Mellow Yellow'Cream, apricot to yellow on same plant Jun-Sep 24-30'Coneflower1gal
ECHINACEA p.'Pow Wow White'Pure White Jun-Aug 18-24" Prolific bloomerConeflower1galnew crop
ECHINACEA p.'Pow Wow Wild Berry'Rose-Purple Jun-Sep 18-24" Compact habit. Floriferous.Coneflower1galnew crop
ECHINACEA p.'Prairie Splendor'Lavender-Pink Jun-Sep 18-24" Earlier bloom. Compact.Coneflower1gal
ECHINACEA p.'Ruby Star'Carmine Red Jun-Aug 30-36" Horizontal petals. Tall variety.Coneflower1gal
EPIMEDIUM p.'Frohnleiten' Yellow Apr-May 12-15" Green leaves with bronze marbling.Barrenwort1gallimited
EPIMEDIUM rubrum Crimson Apr-May 8-12" Red tinted foliage. Fast growing.Barrenwort1gal
EPIMEDIUM v.'Sulphureum'Yellow Shades Apr-May 8-12" Bronze tinged foliage.Barrenwort1gallimited
EPIMEDIUM w.'Ellen Willmott"Peach/Orange April-May 8-12" Epimediums are an excellent groundcover for shade. Barrenwort1galyes
EPIMEDIUM y.'Roseum' Lilac-Rose May 8-10" Green foliage. Compact habit.Barrenwort1gallimited
ERIGERON p. Lynnhaven Carpet'White/ Yellow 12-15" May Foliage forms a tight 6" groundcover. Free flowing flowers attract spring pollinators. Robin's Plaintain1galnew crop
EUPATORIUM d.'Baby Joe'Mauve-Purple Aug-Sep 24-36" Reddish stems. Dwarf size.Joe Pye Weed1galyes
EUPATORIUM d.'Little Joe'Mauve-Purple Aug-Sep 36-48" Small size. Compact habit.Joe Pye Weed1galyes
EUPATORIUM m.'Gateway'Mauve-Pink Aug-Sep 48-72" Fragrant blooms. Tall habit.Joe Pye Weed2gal
EUPATORIUM m.'Phantom'Rose-Purple Aug-Sep 24-48" Whorled green foliage. Ideal for a native garden. Joe Pye Weed2galyes
EUPATORIUM m.'Snowball'Ivory Aug-Sep 48-54" Upright flower habit. Free-flowering native. Joe Pye Weed2gal
EUPATORIUM p.'Euphorbia Ruby'Rose-Purple July-Sept 24-30" Early flowering, compact varietyJoe Pye Weed2gal
EUPATORIUM r.'Chocolate' White Sep-Oct 36-48" Dark bronze foliage. Late color.Joe Pye Weed1gal
FERN ADIANTUM pedatum12-18" Airy fern on thin black stipes.Maidenhair1gal
FERN ATHYRIUM filix-femina 24-30" Lacy green fronds. Native upright fern that prefers moderate shade and acidic soil.Lady Fern1pint
FERN ATHYRIUM n.f. 'Ghost'24-30" Upright silvery foliage. Hybrid with soft green-gray fronds.Ghost Fern1gal
FERN ATHYRIUM n. var. 'Pictum'18-20" Silvery green fronds wth dark maroon midrib.Japanese Painted Fern1galyes
FERN DENNSTAEDTIA punctilobula18-24" Lacy green fronds. Tolerates sun with consistent moisture.Hay-Scented Fern1galnew crop
FERN DRYOPTERIS marginalis 'Eastern Wood Fern'18-24" Leathery fronds. Tolerates dry shade. East coast native.Eastern Wood Fern1gal
FERN MATTEUCCIA struthiopteris36-48" Tall plume-like fronds. Prefers rich, moist soil.Ostrich Fern1galyes
FERN ONOCLEA sensibilis12-24" Broad smooth leaves. Moist shade,Sensitive Fern1galyes
FERN OSMUNDA cinnamomea30-36" Brilliant green lacy fronds forms stately vase-shaped clump.Cinnamon Fern1gal
FERN POLYSTICHUM acrosticoides12-24" Leathery ever-green fronds. Native. Christmas Fern1gal
GAILLARDIA a.'Arizona Apricot'Yellow/Apricot Center 12" Jun-Aug Uniform compact habit.Blanket Flower2qt
GALIUM odoratumWhite May-Jun 6-8" Shade groundcover. Scented foliage.Sweet Woodruff1gal
GENTIANA 'True Blue'Bright Blue Jul-Sep 15-20" Upright mounding habit.Gentian1gal
GERANIUM 'Azure Rush'Light Lavender Blue Jun-Sep 14-16" Sport of Rozanne wth tidier habit.Cranesbill 1galyes
GERANIUM 'Blushing Turtle'Rose pink/ Purple Veins Jun-Sep 18-24" Slow spreading ground-cover.Cranesbill1gal
GERANIUM cantabrigiense 'Biokovo'Pinkish White Jun-Jul 10-12" Fragrant foliage.Long blooming,relaible plant.Cranesbill1galnew crop
GERANIUM c.'Karmina'Deep Rose Jun-Jul 6-8" Fragrant foliage. Great massing groundcover.Cranesbill1galnew crop
GERANIUM macr.'Bevan's Variety'Magenta May-Jun 12-15" Aromatic fuzzy lobed foliage. Fall colorCranesbill1galyes
GERANIUM macr.'Ingwersen's Variety'Soft Pink May-Jun 12-15" Aromatic deep lobed foliage. Fall colorCranesbill1gal
GERANIUM macr.'Spessart'White / Tinged Pink May-June 15-18" Mat-forming foliage. Fall colorCranesbill1gal
GERANIUM maculatumSoft Lavendar-Pink May-Jun 12-24" Woodland native and natural groundcover.Spotted Cranesbill1gal
GERANIUM s.'Max Frei'Magenta May-Jun 8-10" Dark green foliage. Compact.Cranesbill1gals/o
GERANIUM s.'New Hampshire Purple'Purple Shades May-Aug 12-18" Extended bloom.Cranesbill1galnew crop
GERANIUM w.'Rozanne'Violet Purple Jun-Sep 18-20" Continuous bloom.Cranesbill1galyes
GEUM c.'Lady Stratheden'Bright Yellow Jun-Aug 24" Flowers rise above basal leaves on slender stems. Deadheading will extend bloom. Avens1galyes
GEUM x.'Blazing Sunset'Double Scarlet-Red May-Jul 24" Long lasting flowersAvens1galyes
GRASS ACORUS calamus 'Variegatus' 36-48" Creamy white/green leaf. Striped Sweet Flag1gal
GRASS CALAMAGROSTIS a. 'Avalanche'48-60" Jun-Jul Variegated form of Karl FoersterVar. Feather Reed Grass1galyes
GRASS CALAMAGROSTIS x a.'Karl Foerster' 36-60" Jun-Jul Tawny plumes.Clump forming. Sterile seed.Feather Reed Grass1galyes
GRASS CALAMAGROSTIS x a.'Overdam'30-60" Jun Pinkish to tan plumes. Variegated leaves.Feather Reed Grass1galyes
GRASS CAREX f.'Blue Zinger'8-10" Blue-green foliage.Blue Zinger Sedge1galyes
GRASS CAREX m.'Ice Dance'12-18" Green/creamy white margins. Ice Dance Sedge1gal
GRASS CAREX m.'Silver Sceptre'10-12" Narrow green/white foliage.Silver Sceptre Sedge1gal
GRASS CAREX pensylvanica4-8" Green foliage. Groundcover.Pennsylvania Sedge1gal
GRASS CHASMANTHIUM latifolium 24-36" Aug-Sep Oat-like seed heads.Northern Sea Oats1gal
GRASS DESCHAMPSIA c.'Goldtau'12-24" Jul-Aug Blooms chartreuse-yellow changing to bronzeTufted Hair Grass1galyes
GRASS FESTUCA g.'Elijah Blue' 8-10" Jul Silvery-blue foliage.Blue Fescue1gal
GRASS HAKONECHLOA macra12-18" Green foliageForest Grass1galrooting out
GRASS HAKONECHLOA m.'Albo-striata'12-18" Variegated green/creamy white. Faster growing. Forest Grass1galrooting out
GRASS HAKONECHLOA m.'All Gold' 12-18" Golden ribbon-like leaf blades. Cascading habit.Forest Grass1galrooting out
GRASS HAKONECHLOA m.'Aureola' 12-18" Variegated leaf blade.Vibrant yellow/green stripe.Forest Grass1galrooting out
GRASS MISCANTHUS s.'Adagio'4-5' Fine foliage. Compact version of taller varieties. Adagio Maiden Grass1galyes
GRASS MISCANTHUS s.'Adagio'4-5' Fine foliage. Compact version of taller varieties.Adagio Maiden Grass2gal
GRASS MISCANTHUS s.'Gracilliumus' 5-7' Thin silver veined foliage. September plumes.Maiden Grass1galyes
GRASS MISCANTHUS s.'Morning Light' 4-6' Fine foliage. Arching habit.Variegated Maiden Grass1galyes
GRASS MISCANTHUS s.'Variegatus'5-7' Green/white leaves.Variegated Silver Grass1galyes
GRASS MISCANTHUS s.'Zebrinus'5-8' Green-gold striped foliage.Zebra Grass1galyes
GRASS PANICUM v.'Cape Breeze'2-3' Blue-green foliage. Short, dense and upright. Blooms early. Salt tolerant.Switch Grass1galyes
GRASS PANICUM v.'Cloud Nine'5-7' Blue foliage. A taller variety with blue-green foliage.Blue Switch Grass1galyes
GRASS PANICUM v.'Dallas Blues'4-6' Blue-green foliage. Robust grower. Blue Switch Grass1galyes
GRASS PANICUM v. 'Heavy Metal' 4-5' Blue foliage. Upright habit. Panicles are perfect habitat for winter birds.Blue Switch Grass1galyes
GRASS PANICUM v.'Northwind'4-6' Blue-green foliage. Compact habit. Noted for vertical form.Blue Switch Grass1galyes
GRASS PANICUM v'Purple Tears'3-4' Green foliage. Grey flowers turn to purple seedheads. Narrow form.Purple Tears Switch Grass1galyes
GRASS PANICUM v.'Rostrahlbusch'3-5' Clump forming. Flower panicles in mid-summer. Burgundy fall foliage.Red Switch Grass1gal
GRASS PANICUM v. 'Shenandoah' 3-4' Clump forming. Burgundy fall foliage. Red Switch Grass1gal
GRASS PANICUM v.'Thundercloud' 7-8' Tall, upright blue-green specimen. Perfect as an informal screen. Blue Switch Grass1galyes
GRASS PENNISETUM a.'Hameln'18-24"' Aug-Oct Fine textured blades. Fox-tail flower heads. Compact.Dwarf Fountain Grass1galyes
GRASS PENNISETUM a.'Piglet'12-18" Small mounding habit. Similar to Hameln but shorter. Dwarf Fountain Grass1galyes
GRASS PHALARIS a.'Strawberries and Cream'2-3' Variegated White/narrow green stripes. Ribbon Grass1galn/a
GRASS SCHIZACHYRIUM sc.'Standing Ovation'2-4' Steel blue with purple highlighsBluestem1galnew crop
GRASS SCHIZACHYRIUM sc.'The Blues'2-4' Cool blue-green turns dusty purple in fallBluestem1galnew crop
GRASS SESLERIA autumnalis12-24" Mid summer silver -white plumes. Autumn Moor Grass1galnew crop
GRASS SPORABOLUSheterolepsis2-3' Clump forming native perennial grass. Drought tolerantPrairie Dropseed1galnew crop
HELIANTHUS 'Lemon Queen'Soft Lemon Yellow Aug-Oct 60-72" Tall upright habit.Sunflower1gal
HELIANTHUS tuberosaYellow Aug-Oct 6-10' Large, coarse sunflower.Jerusalum Artichoke1gal
HELIOPSIS h.'Summer Sun'Yellow/Orange/Eye Jul-Sep 36-48" Upright habit. Back of border.False Sunflower1gallimited
HELIOPSIS h.'Summer NIghts'Golden YellowMahogany EyeJul-Sep 36-48" Yellow flowers on dark stems.False Sunflower1galyes
HELLEBORUS n.'Mont Blanc'White. Feb-April 12-16"Lenten Rose1galyes
HELLEBORUS x.e.'Candy Love'Pink tinged white. March-May 15-18"Lenten Rose1galyes
HELLEBORUS x. hybridus 'Pine Knot Select'Pink to Burgundy Red Mar-Apr 12-15" Shiny green foliage.Lenten Rose 1galyes
HELLEBORUS 'Ivory Prince'Creamy White Mar-Apr 12-18" Blue green foliage.Lenten Rose 1galnew crop
HELLEBORUS 'Royal Heritage'Shades of Maroon, Pink, Red and White 12-18"Lenten Rose 1pintyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Alabama Jubilee'Red-orange, deep red band July 30" Ruffled edgesDaylily2galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Always Afternoon'Mauve-Purple Eye/Green Throat June-July 22"Daylily1gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Apricot Sparkles'Apricot/yellow Jun-Aug 15" Floriferous rebloomerDaylily1gal yes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Barbara Mitchell' Soft Pink/Yellowish Green Throat July 20"Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Bella Lugosi' Dark Purple/Lime Green Throat July 33"Daylily1gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Bella Lugosi' Dark Purple/Lime Green Throat July 33"Daylily2gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Big Time Happy'Lemon Yellow/Green Throat July-August 16-18" Repeat blooming.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Bright Sunset'Deep Orange/Orange Shades July 36"Daylily1gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Bright Sunset'Deep Orange/Orange Shades July 36"Daylily2galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Buttered Popcorn' Buttery Yellow July 32"Daylily1gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Byzantine Emperor'Burgundy/Yellow Throat July 30" Repeat bloomer.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Catherine Woodbury' Pale Lavender Pink/Yellow Throat July 30"Daylily2galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Cherokee Star'Cherry Red/ Yellow Throat late July 32" Showy in the landscape.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Cherokee Star'Cherry Red/ Yellow Throat late July 32" Showy in the landscape.Daylily2galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Chicago Apache' Scarlet Red/Yellow Throat July-Aug 28-30"Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Chicago Apache' Scarlet Red/Yellow Throat July-Aug 28-30"Daylily2gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Chorus Line' Pink/Rose Halo/Green Throat June-July 25"Daylily2galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Collier'Pink//Cream/Yellow Early July 28" Ruffled edges with a soft blend of colors.Daylily2galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Earlybird Cardinal'Watermelon red/chartreuse throat Jun-Sep 18-20" Ruffled edges. RebloomerDaylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Elegant Candy'Pink w/red eye, green throat Jun-Jul 25" Ruffled edges. Rebloomer. FragrantDaylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Elegant Explosion'Orange-Yellow Late July 20" Ruffled edged re-bloomer. Strong branched scapes.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Everyday Lily Cream Wing'Creamy Yellow Ruffled edges. Rebloomer June-Sept 12-15"Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Everyday Lily Pink Wing'Peachy Pink Ruffled edges. Rebloomer June-Sept 12-15"Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Fire King'Brilliant Orange/Orange Shades July-August 30"Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Fire King'Brilliant Orange/Orange Shades July-August 30"Daylily2galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Fragrant Returns'Light Lemon July 12-16" Very fragrant repeat blooming.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS fulvaOrange July 36-48" 'Roadside Daylily'Daylily1gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Happy Returns' Lemon Yellow Jun-Aug 12-16" Repeat bloomer. Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Hudson Valley'Yellow Green Jul-Aug. Large flower. 24-36" Daylily2galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Hyperion' Yellow July 40" Large fragrant flowers.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Ice Carnival'Creamy White/Yellow-Green Throat July 28" Stout stem with large flowers. Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Janice Brown'Baby Pink/Deep Rose Eye/Green Throat June-July 21"Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Joan Senior' White/Soft Yellow-Green Throat July 30"Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Jolyene Nichole'Rose Pink/ Yellow Eye July 14" Broad petals with ruffled edges.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Jolyene Nichole'Rose Pink/ Yellow Eye July 14" Broad petals with ruffled edges.Daylily2galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Just Plum Happy'Rose Pink/Purple Eye June-Aug. 12-16" Repeat blooming.Daylily1gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Little Grapette'Purple/Bright Yellow-Green Throat June-July 12" Shorter repeat bloomer.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Marque Moon'Cream/ Yellow Throat July 24" Ruffled, fragrant cream colored blossoms.Daylily1gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Marque Moon'Cream/ Yellow Throat July 24" Ruffled, fragrant cream colored blossoms.Daylily2galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Moonlit Masquerade'Ivory with Wine/Burgundy Throat Jun-July 22-26" Repeat bloomer.Daylily1gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'New Lavender Triumph' Dark Lavender/ Yellow Throat Late July 24" Vibrant and well branched. Daylily1gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Pardon Me'Cranberry Red/Yellow Throat July 18" Repeat bloomer.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Patricia Fay' Rosy-Pink/Yelow-Green Throat July36"Daylily2gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Prairie Blue Eyes'Lavender/Yellow-Green Throat July 28-30"Daylily2galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Purple D'Oro'Medium Purple/Bright Yellow Throat June-July 20" Repeat bloomer.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Raspberry Eclipse'Raspberry purple w/purple band. Yellow edge. July 30" Ruffled. RebloomerDaylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Red Razzamatazz'Fire-engine Red July 32" Rebloomer. Nice foilage.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Romantic Returns'Deep rose/Light green throat. July. 25" Large ruffled flowers. RebloomerDaylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Rosy Returns' Rose Pink/Deep Rose Eye.Yellow Throat June-Aug 16" Repeat bloomer.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Scottish Fantasy'Rose Pink/Yellow Throat Late July 28" Ruffled edged re-bloomer.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Scottish Fantasy'Rose Pink/Yellow Throat Late July 28" Ruffled edged re-bloomer.Daylily2gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Silome Double Classic'Soft Pink/Yellowish Green Throat June-July 16-18"Daylily1gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Spellbinder' Golden Orange June 30-34"Daylily2galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Spider Miracle' Yellow/Lime Green Eye June 32"Daylily2galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Stella D'Oro' Golden Yellow June-Aug 12-14" Repeat bloomer.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Stella Supreme'Soft Lemon Yellow June-Aug. Repeat bloomer. 14" Great sub for Happy ReturnsDaylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Strawberry Candy'Pink/Rose Eye Yellow Throat July 26" Repeat bloomer.Daylily1galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Strutter's Ball' Deep Purple/Lemon Green Throat July26"Daylily1gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Sunday Gloves'Deep Purple/Lemon Green Throat July26"Daylily1gal
HEMEROCALLIS 'Sunday Gloves'Creamy White. Repeat bloomer. July 27"Dayliy2galyes
HEMEROCALLIS 'Wedding Band'Creamy White, Slightly Fragrant 24"-36" JulyDaylily1gal
HEUCHERA 'Blackout'Cream Jun-Jul 10-12" Shiny purplish black foliage.Coral Bells1galnew crop
HEUCHERA 'Fire Chief'Pink/White Jun-Jul 9-15" Compact habit with deep red foliage. Extended bloom period.Coral Bells1galnew crop
HEUCHERA 'Lime Marmalade'White Jun-Jul 10" Large mounding heuchera with lime green, ruffled foliage. Coral Bells1gal
HEUCHERA 'Marmalade'White Jun-Jul 10" Shiny soft peach ruffled foliage. Coral Bells1gal
HEUCHERA 'Paris'Deep Rose Jun-Jul 8-14" White-veiled green foliage with repeat blooms.Coral Bells1gal
HEUCHERA h.'Plum Pudding'White Jun-Jul 12" Plum-purple foliage/silver marbling.Coral Bells1gal
m.'Palalce Purple'White Jun-Jul 12" Deep purple foliage with a mounding habit. Coral Bells1galnew crop
HEUCHERA v.'Autumn Bride'White Jun-Jul 12-15" Light green velvety texture. Drought/light sun tolerantCoral Bells1gal
HEUCHERA v.'Caramel'Cream /White Jun-Jul 12" Soft apricot/amber foliage.Coral Bells1gal
HEUCHERA v.'Frosted Violet'Light Pink Jun-Jul 12" Velvety purple leaves.Coral Bells1galnew crop
HEUCHERA x.'Southern Comfort'White. Jun-Jul 12-15" Amber-peach fades to yellow. Large leafedCoral Bells1gal
HEUCHERELLA 'Sweet Tea'White Jun-Jul 20-28" Large palmate orange leaves with deep red veins.Foamy Bells1gal
HOSTA 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'White Jun-Jul 18-22" Blue-green unique cupped form. Seer-suckered leaves.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Albo-marginata'Pale Lavender Jul 18" Green leaves white margins.Plantain Lily1gal
HOSTA 'August Moon'Pale Lavender Jul-Aug 20" Chartreuse corrugated leaves.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA m. 'Aureomarginata'Lavender Jul-Aug 12-18" Olive green with yellow margins. Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Big Daddy'White Aug 24" Large blue-green corrugated leaves.Plantain Lily
HOSTA 'Blue Angel'Whitish Lavender Jul-Aug 24-36" Large blue-green leaves.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Blue Cadet'Lavender Jul 16" Medium blue-green leaves.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Blue Ivory'Lavender Jul-Aug 16" Blue green center with cream edgePlantain Lily1gal
HOSTA 'Blue Mouse Ears'Lavender Aug 8" Blue-green leaves. Compact habit.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Blue Umbrellas'Pale Lavender Jun 30-36" Textured blue-green leaves.Plantain Lily1gallimited
HOSTA 'Blueberry Muffin'Lavender Jun-Jul 14" Blue foliage deepens to blue-green.Plantain Lily1galnew crop
HOSTA 'Blueberry Muffin'Lavender Jun-Jul 14" Blue foliage deepens to blue-green.Plantain Lily2galnew crop
HOSTA 'Dream Weaver'White Jun-Jul 18" Blue green edges with creamy white centerPlantain Lily1gal
HOSTA 'Earth Angel'Pale Lavender Jun-Jul 30-40" Blue green foliage with yellow margins.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA s.'Elegans'White Jun-Jul 24-36" Large blue corrugated leaves.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'First Frost'Lavender Jun-Jul 14-16" Blue-green center, gold edge turns white Plantain Lily1gallimited
HOSTA 'Fragrant Blue'Light Lavender Jul-Aug 18" Blue leaves. Fragrant booms.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Fragrant Blue'Light Lavender Jul-Aug 18" Blue leaves. Fragrant booms.Plantain Lily2gal
HOSTA 'Francee'Lavender Jul-Aug 14-18" Dark green leaves/white margins.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Francee'Lavender Jul-Aug 14-18" Dark green leaves/white margins.Plantain Lily2galyes
HOSTA 'Frances Williams'White Jun-Jul 24" Blue-green leaves/chartreuse margins.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Frances Williams'White Jun-Jul 24' Blue-green leaves/chartreuse marginsPlantain Lily2gal
HOSTA 'Gold Standard'Lavender Jul 20" Light green leaves/dark green margins.Plantain Lily1gal
HOSTA 'Gold Standard'Lavender Jul 20" Light green leaves/dark green margins.Plantain Lily2galyes
HOSTA 'Golden Tiara'Lavender Jul 12-24" Medium green/chartreuse margins.Plaintain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Great Expectations'White Jun-Jul 20" Creamy yellow leaves/blue-green edge.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Guacamole'White Aug 22" Bright green leaves/dark green margins.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Guacamole'White Aug 22" Bright green leaves/dark green margins.Plantain Lily2gal
HOSTA 'Hadspen Blue'Pale Lavender Jul 14" Powdery steel blue leaves. Plantain Lily1gal
HOSTA 'Halcyon'Pale Lavender Jul-Aug 18" Thick blue-green leaves.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Half and Half'White Jun-Jul 12-18' Dark green leaves with pure white center. Plantain Lily1gal
HOSTA 'High Society'Pale Lavender Late July 8-12" Wide blue margins with a yellow center. Plantain Lily1gal
HOSTA 'Humpback Whale'White Jul 36-48" Dome shaped mound of blue-green foliage. Specimen plant.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'June'Lavender Jul-Aug 15" Chartreuse/blue-green margins.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Krossa Regal'Lavender Aug 28-30" Gray-green leaves.Vase-like habit.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Krossa Regal'Lavender Aug 28-30" Gray-green leaves.Vase-like habit.Plantain Lily2galyes
HOSTA 'Lakeside Cupcake'Lavender Jun-Jul 4-6" Gold center/blue green margin. Cupped leavesPlantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Liberty'Lavender Jun-Jul 26" Thick leaves. Blue/green center Creamy yellow marginPlantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Loyalist'Pale Lavender Jul 18-24" White center/dark green margins.Plaintain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Maui Buttercups'Lavender Jul 10" Chartreuse cupped & corregated leaves.Plantain Lily1gal
HOSTA 'Maui Buttercups'Lavender Jul 10" Chartreuse cupped & corregated leaves.Plantain Lily2gal
HOSTA 'Mighty Mouse'Lavender Jul 8" Blue green leaves with creamy yellow-white edgePlantain Lily2qtyes
HOSTA 'Minuteman'Lavender Jul-Aug 18-22" Dark green/near white margins.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Paradigm'Light lavender Jul 20" Thick, corrugated gold leaves w/blue-green marginsPlantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Patriot'Lavender Jul 18-22" Dark green/wide white margins.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Paul's Glory'Pale Lavender Jul-Aug 25" Blue-green/chartreuse center.Plantain Lily2galyes
HOSTA 'Praying Hands'Purple Jul-Aug 14-18"Dark green foliage with narrow yellow margin. Unique hosta Plaintain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Regal Splendor'Lavender Jul-Aug 36" Vase shaped. Long pointed frosty blue w/creamy edgePlantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Regal Supreme'Lavender Jul 28" Vase shaped. Blue-green with creamy white margins.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Revolution'Lavender Jul-Aug 18-24" Sport of Loyalist. Cream leaves with irregular green marginsPlantain Lily1gal
HOSTA 'Revolution'Lavender Jul-Aug 18-24" Sport of Loyalist. Cream leaves with irregular green marginsPlantain Lily2gal
HOSTA 'Rhino Hide'White Jun-Jul 18-20" Thickest hosta leaf. Blue green margin/light green center.Plantain Lily2gal
HOSTA 'Royal Crest'White Aug-Sep 28" Thick, medium green shiny leaves. Great sun tolerencePlantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Royal Standard'White Aug-Sep 24" Glossy green leaves. Fragrant flowers.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Sagae'Lavender Jul 28-30" Blue-green/creamy yellow edge.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Silk Road'Pale Lavender Jul 18" Deep green center/wide creamy marginPlantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Stained Glass'Lavender Jul 15-24" Bright chartreuse green center/dark green margin.Plaintain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Sum and Substance'Pale Lavender Jul-Aug 36" Large yellowish-green leaves.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Sum and Substance'Pale Lavender Jul-Aug 36" Large yellowish-green leaves.Plantain Lily2gal
HOSTA 'T. Rex'White Jun-Jul 36" Large, wavy green leaves 18" longPlaintain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Touch of Class'Lavender Jul 16-22" Wide blue margins/ chartreuse center. Thick leaves.Plantain Lily1gal
HOSTA 'Vulcan'Light Lavender Jul 22-24" Dark green margin with crisp white center.Plaintain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Whirlwind'Lavender Jul 20" Dark green margin/creamy center changes to light green.Plaintain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Wide Brim'Pale Lavender Jul-Aug 16" Dark green/yellow margins.Plantain Lily1galyes
HOSTA 'Wide Brim'Pale Lavender Jul-Aug 16" Dark green/yellow margins.Plantain Lily2gal
HYDRANGEA a.'Annabelle'White Jun-Aug 36-60" Shrub. Large snowball-like flowers.Hyddrangea1gal
HYDRANGEA a.'Annabelle'White Jun-Aug 36-60" Shrub. Large snowball-like flowers.Hyddrangea2gal
IRIS cristata Blue-Violet Apr-May 4-6" Woodland groundcover.Crested Iris1qt
IRIS ens.'Geisha Girl'Lavender/Yellow Late Jun 28-36" Large flattened bloom with heavy purple veining. Japanese Iris1galyes
IRIS ens. 'Happy Awakening'Magenta/Yellow Center Late Jun 36-48" Tolerates wet conditions.Japanese Iris1gal
IRIS ens. 'Royal Robes'Dark Purple/Yellow Eye Late Jun 32-36"Japanese Iris1gal
IRIS ens.'Variegata'Deep Purple/Yellow Late Jun 30-36" Variegated grass like foliage.Japanese Iris1galyes
IRIS sibirica. 'Butter and Sugar'Creamy White/Yellow Jun 28" Siberian Iris blooms before Japanese Iris.Siberian Iris1galyes
IRIS sib.'Cape Cod Boys'Periwinkle/Yellow Jun 27-32" Ruffled petals with dark blue veining. Siberian Iris1galyes
IRIS sib.'Caesar's Brother'Deep Purple/White & Yellow Throat Jun 30-36" Tolerates moist soil.Siberian Iris1galyes
IRIS sib. 'Ruffled Velvet'Velvety Purple/Yellow Jun 24-30" Tolerates moist soil.Siberian Iris1gal
IRIS sib. 'White Swirl'White/Yellow Throat Jun 30" Taller variety with delicate white blooms.Siberian Iris1gal
IRIS versicolor 'Blue Flag'Blue-Violet/Yellow Throat 24-36" Native Iris.Blue Flag1galyes
KALIMERIS incisa 'Blue Star'Light Blue/Yellow Center Jun-Sep 12-18" Extended bloom.Japanese Aster1gal
KIRENGESHOMA palmataSoft Yellow Sep 36" Large maple-like foliage.Yellow Waxbells1gal
LAMIUM m. 'Beacon Silver'Lavender Pink Jul-Aug 8" Silvery foliage/green margins.Dead Nettle1galyes
LAMIUM m. 'Pink Pewter'Pale Pink Jun-Aug 6-8" Silvery foliage/green margins.Dead Nettle1galyes
LAMIUM m. 'Shell Pink'Light Pink Jun-Aug 8" Green foliage/white center.Dead Nettle1galyes
LAMIUM m. 'White Nancy'White Jun-Aug 8" Silvery foliage/green margins.Dead Nettle1galyes
LAVANDULA a.'Hidcote'Violet Purple Jul-Sep 15" Silvery-green foliage. Fragrant.English Lavender1gal
LAVANDULA a.'Munstead'Light Purple Jul-Sep 12" Gray-green foliage. Fragrant.English Lavender1gals/o
LAVANDULA a.'Super Blue'Violet Jul 10-12" Biggest blooms of any lavender. Compact and very fragrant.English Lavender1galyes
LAVANDULA x i.'Phenomenal'Purple-Blue Jul-Sep 18-24" Mounded habit. Very little winter die-back.Lavender1galyes
LAVENDULA x.i.'Sensational'Purple-Blue Jul-Sep 18-24" Next gen. Phenomenal. Heat and cold tolerantLavender1galyes
LEUCANTHEMUM s.'Becky'White.Yellow Center Jun-Jul 28-36" Heavy bloomer. Shasta Daisy1galyes
LEUCANTHEMUM s.'Becky'White.Yellow Center Jun-Jul 28-36" Heavy bloomer. Shasta Daisy2gal
LEUCANTHEMUM s.'Snowcap'White.Yellow Center Jun-Jul 12" Dwarf variety. Compact.Shasta Daisy1galyes
LIATRIS microcephalaLavender-Purple Aug-Sep 12-18" Dwarf variety.Gayfeather1gallimited
LIATRIS s.'Floristan White' White Jul-Aug 30-36" Tall clumping habit.Gayfeather1galyes
LIATRIS s.'Kobold'Mauve Jul-Aug 24-30" Upright clump-forming habit.Gayfeather1galyes
LIGULARIA den. 'Desdemona'Golden Orange Jul-Aug 30" Bronzy-green foliage. Golden Ray1galyes
LIGULARIA den. 'Othello'Orange-Yellow Jul-Aug 36" Purplish-green foliage. Golden Ray1galyes
LIGULARIA s.'Little Rocket'Bright Yellow Jul-Aug 24-30" Green foliage. Compact habit.Golden Ray1galyes
LIGULARIA s.'The Rocket'Bright Yellow Jul-Aug 36" Large green foliage. Golden Ray1galyes
LIRIOPE spicataPale-Lavender Jun-Jul 8-12" Grass-like groundcover.Lilyturf1galrooting out
MELISSAofficinalisLemon Balm 24-36" Clumping habitLemon Balm1galyes
MERTENSIA virginicaSoft Blue April-May 12-24" Summer dormancy.Virginia Blue Bells1qt
MONARDA d.'Blue Stocking'Violet Blue Jul-Aug 24-36" Mint scented foliage. Mildew resistant.Bee Balm1galyes
MONARDA d.'Fireball'Ruby Red Jul-Aug 15-20'Bee Balm1gal
MONARDA d.'Gardenview Scarlet'Scarlet Red Jul-Aug 24-36'Bee Balm1gal
MONARDA d.'Grand Marshall'Fuschia-Purple Jul-Aug 12-18' Mid-size, upright cultivar with a profusion of blooms.Bee Balm1galyes
MONARDA d.'Grand Parade'Purple Jul-Aug 12-18" mid size uprightBee Balm1galyes
MONARDA d.'Jacob Cline'Deep Red Jul-Aug 36" Tall habit. Bee Balm1galyes
MONARDA fistulosaLavender/pink Jul-Aug 36-48" Long-blooming.Bee Balm2gal
MONARDA 'Judith's Fancy Future'Purplish Red Jul 36-48" Tall, bushy cultivar with great mildew resistance. Prolific blooms. Bee Balm1galyes
MONARDA 'Purple Rooster'Deep Purple 36-44" Upright cultivar with rigid stems and striking blooms.Highly mildew resistant.Bee Balm1galyes
MONARDA h. 'Raspberry Wine'Rosy-Wine Jul-Aug 30-36" Dark green foliage. Long bloom.Bee Balm1galyes
NEPETA 'Early Bird'Violet April-Sep 10-12" Early bloom; compact habitCatmint1gal
NEPETA f.'Blue Wonder'Lavender-Blue Jun-Aug 12-15" Larger flowers.Catmint1gal
NEPETA f 'Junior Walker'Lavender-Blue Jun-Aug 12-15" Sterile dwarf form of 'Walker's Low'.Catmint1galyes
NEPETA f.'Purrsian Blue'Periwinkle Blue Jun-Sep 12-18" Rounded, low compct mound of foliage.Catmint1galyes
NEPETA f.'Walker's Low'Lavender Blue Jun-Aug 15-18" Scented foliage with extended bloom. Pollinator magnet.Catmint1galyes
NEPETA f.'Whispurr Pink'Light Pink Jun-Aug 24-28" Small pink flowers cluster to form large plumes. Pollinator magnet.Catmint1galyes
NEPETA g.'Summer Magic'Lavender-Blue May-Sept 15-18" Compact and non-flopping.Catmint1gal
NEPETA k.'Neptune'Lavender-Blue Jun-Aug 8-12" Dwarf, dense, upright habitCatmint1gallimited
NEPETA sub.'Prelude Blue'Bright Blue Jun-Aug 28-36" Tall habit with showy blue flowers. Dead-heading will extend bloom.Japanese Catmint1gallimited
NIPPONANTHEMUM nipponicumWhite Rays.Yellow Center Sep-Oct 24-36" Shrub-like habit.Montauk Daisy1galyes
NIPPONANTHEMUM nipponicumWhite Rays.Yellow Center Sep-Oct 24-36" Shrub-like habit.Montauk Daisy2gal
OENOTHERA t.'Fruticosa'Canary Yellow Jun 15-18" Abundant flowers. Sundrops1galyes
OENOTHERA macrocarpa(missouriensis)Lemon Yellow Jul-Aug 8-10" Glossy dark green foliage.Missouri Evening Primrose1galrooting out
OPUNTIA humifusaYellow Jun-Jul 12-30" Cactus with striking yellow flowers.Prickly Pear1galyes
ORIGANUMv.'Greek'Greek OreganoOregano1galyes
PACHYSANDRA procumbens White Apr-May 6-8" NativeSpurge1galn/a
PACHYSANDRA terminalisWhite Apr-May 6-8" Mat-forming groundcover that spreads via rhizomes.Spurge1trayyes
PAEONIA 'Bartzella' ITOHSemi-Double Soft yellow Itoh Peony Mid-late. 30-36"Peony2galyes
PAEONIA 'Catherine Fontijn'Double Soft pink-white. Mid. 36-40" Fragrant and floriferous.Peony2galyes
PAEONIA 'Coral Charm'Semi-Double Coral-peach. Early. 28" Strong stems.Peony2galnew crop
PAEONIA 'Duchess de Nemours'Double White Mid 24-36" Old standard with very large fragrant blooms.Peony1galyes
PAEONIA 'Duchess de Nemours'Double White Mid 24-36" Old standard with very large fragrant blooms.Peony2gal
PAEONIA 'Edulis Superba'Double Rose Pink Late 36" Very fragrant. Peony1galyes
PAEONIA 'Felix Crousse'Double Raspberry Red Mid-Late 28-32" Fragrant French introduction.Peony2galyes
PAEONIA 'Felix Supreme'Double Ruby Red Mid-Late 28" Long bloom period. More blooms than CroussePeony1gal
PAEONIA 'Felix Supreme'Double Ruby Red Mid-Late 28" Long bloom period. More blooms than CroussePeony2galyes
PAEONIA 'Festiva Maxima' Double White.Crimson Red Center Early 34" Fragrant.Peony2gal
PAEONIA 'Kansas'Double Watermelon Red Mid 36" Sunfast flower color.Peony2galyes
PAEONIA 'Karl Rosenfield' Double Dark Wine Red Mid 36" Floriferous.Peony1galyes
PAEONIA 'Karl Rosenfield' Double Dark Wine Red Mid 36" Floriferous.Peony2galyes
PAEONIA 'Marie Lemoine'Double Creamy White Late 30" Richly fragrant heirloom variety. Peony2galyes
PAEONIA 'Monsieur Jules Elie' Double Light Rose Pink Early 34" Fragrant. Peony1gal
PAEONIA 'Monsieur Jules Elie' Double Light Rose Pink Early 34" Fragrant. Peony2galyes
PAEONIA 'Mother's Choice'Double White / Blush Mid 36" Refined fragrant blossoms borne on strong stems. Peony2galyes
PAEONIA 'Paula Fay'Semi-Double Bright Pink Early 34" Fluffy flowers.Peony2galyes
PAEONIA 'Sarah Bernhardt' Double Pink Late 36" Old fashioned favorite.Peony2galyes
PAEONIA 'Shirley Temple' Double Light Rose/Fades to White Early 36" Fragrant.Peony2galyes
PAEONIA 'Victorie de la Marne'Double Fuschia-Red Late 30-36" A fragrant loosely formed flower.Peony2galyes
PAEONIA 'White Sands' Anemone Style White/ Yellow Mid-season 36" White fragrant flowers with a yellow center. Peony2galyes
PENSTEMON 'Dark Towers'Pale Pink May-June 18-36" Dark wine-red foliage. Beardtongue1gallimited
PENSTEMON d.'Husker Red'White Jul 24-36" Maroon foliage. Dark green underlay.Beardtongue1galyes
PEROVSKIA atriplicifoliaLavender-Blue Jul-Sep 36-42" Loose open habit.Russian Sage1galyes
PEROVSKIAa.'Blue Jean Baby'Lavender-Blue. Jul-Sep 28-34". Early to bloom.Russian Sage1galyes
PEROVSKIA a.'Blue Steel'Lavender-Blue July-Oct 30-36" Russian Sage1galyes
PEROVSKIAa.'Crazy Blue'Lavender-Blue. Jul-Sep 8-18". Strong sage scent.Russian Sage1galyes
PEROVSKIAa.'Filigran'Lavender-Blue Jul-Sep 30-36" Lacy silver-gray foliage.Russian Sage1gal
PEROVSKIA a.'Little Spires'Lavender-Blue Jul-Sep 20-24" Compact upright habit.Russian Sage1galyes
PHLOX Earlibeauty 'Rose Bouquet'Clear Pink Jun-Sep 12-16" Compact with an extended period of bloom. Garden Phlox1galyes
PHLOX d.laphamiiSoft Blue April-May 10-12" May-JunWoodland Phlox1gal
PHLOX p.'David' White Jul-Aug 36-48" Fragrant.Highly mildew resistant.Tall Garden Phlox1gal
PHLOX p.'Fashionably Early Crystal'White /Purple eye Jun-Aug 30-36" Mildew resistantTall Garden Phlox1galyes
PHLOX p.'Fashionably Early Flamingo'Lt Lav Pink Jun-Aug 30-36' Fragrant. Mildew resistantTall Garden Phlox1galyes
PHLOX p.'Fashionably Early Lav. Ice' Silvery Lavender Jun-Aug 30-36' Fragrant. Mildew resistantTall Garden Phlox1galyes
PHLOX p.'Garden Girls Glamour Girl'Coral Pink Jul-Aug 28-32" Mildew resistant. RebloomingTall Garden Phlox1gal
PHLOX p.'Garden Girls Party Girl'White/Pink Eye Jul-Aug 28-32" Tall Garden Phlox1galyes
PHLOX p.'Garden Girls Uptown Girl'Light Pink/ Pink Eye Jul-Aug 28-32" Mildew resistant. RebloomingTall Garden Phlox1gallimited
PHLOX p.'Jeana'Lavender Pink. 36-60" July-Sept. Smaller flowers. Exceptional mildew resistantTall Garden Phlox1galyes
PHLOX stolonifera 'Blue Ridge'Soft Blue May-Jun 6-8" Shady groundcover.Creeping Phlox1gal
PHLOX stolonifera 'Home Fires'Bright Pink May-June 6-8" Vivid blooms. Shady ground cover.Creeping Phlox1gal
PHLOX stolonifera 'Sherwood Purple'Purple May-Jun 6-8" Shady groundcover. Rapid growth.Creeping Phlox1galyes
PHLOX subulata 'Amazing Grace'White/Pink Eye May-June 4-6"Moss Phlox1galnew crop
PHLOX s. 'Candy Striipe'White/Pink Two Toned Petals May-Jun 4-6" Moss Phlox1gal
PHLOX s.'Crimson Beauty'Cherry Red April-May 4-6" Dark green foliageMoss Phlox1galyes
PHLOX s.'Eye Candy'Light lavender w/dk pink eye May-Jun 4-6" Evergreen foliageMoss Phlox1gal
PHLOX s.'Eye Caramba'Med pink w/red eye May-Jun 4-6" Evergreen foliageMoss Phlox1galyes
PHLOX s.'Eye Shadow'Rosy purple w/purple eye May-Jun 4-6" Everegreen foliageMoss Phlox1gal
PHLOX s.'Fort Hill'Rose-Pink May-Jun 4-6" Evergreen foliage. Floriferous.Moss Phlox1galyes
PHLOX s.'North Hills'White-Violet Eye 4-6" Moss-like green foliage covered with white flowers. Moss Phlox1galyes
PHLOX s.'Purple Beauty'Lavender Purple May-Jun 4-6" Evergreen. Floriferous. Moss Phlox1gal
PHLOX s. 'Red Wings'Crimson Pink/Dark Red Center May-Jun 4-6" FloriferousMoss Phlox1galyes
PHLOX s.'Snowflake'White May-Jun 4-6" Evergreen. Dainty white flowers.Moss Phlox1gal
PHLOX s.'White Delight'White May-Jun 4-6" Evergreen. Bold white flowers.Moss Phlox1galnew crop
PHLOX x.'Baby Doll White'White. Jun-Aug 12" Cut back to encourage re-bloomGarden Phlox1gallimited
PHLOX x.'Bedazzled Lavender'Lavender May-June 6-8" Blooms earlier than subulataMoss Phlox1gal
PHLOX x.'Minnie Pearl'White May-Aug 15-20" Mildew resistantHybrid Phlox1gal
PHLOX x.'Pink Minuet'Rose-Pink May-June 8-10". Slow spreadingHybrid Phlox1galyes
PHLOX x.'Rocky Road Grape'Red-Purple May-Jun 4-6" More compressed habit than subulataHybrid Phlox1gal
PHLOX x.'Rocky Road Periwinkle'Periwinkle Blue May-Jun 4-6'" More compressed habit than subulataHybrid phlox1gal
PHLOX x.'Rocky Road Violet Blue'Violet Blue May-Jun 4-6" More compressed habit than subulataHybrid phlox1gal
PLATYCODON g.'Astra Semi Dbl Lavender'Lavender Jul-Aug 6-12" Double lavender blooms.Balloon Flower1gal
PLATYCODON g. 'Astra Single Blue' Blue Jun-Aug 6-8" Dwarf compact habitBalloon Flower1 gal
PLATYCODON g.'Fairy Snow'White flowers/blue veins Jun-Aug 6-10"Balloon Flower1gal
PLATYCODON g.'Mariesii'Violet-Blue Jul-Aug 18-24" Tall habit. Slow to emerge on the spring.Balloon Flower1gallimited
PLATYCODON g.'PopStar Pink'Light pink Jun-Aug 6-8"Balloon Flower1galyes
PLATYCODON g.'Sentimental Blue'Deep Blue Jul-Aug 6-8" Dwarf compact habit.Balloon Flower1galyes
PODOPHYLLUM peltatumWhite May 12-18" Umbrella-like green foliage. Native.Mayapple1galyes
POLYGONATUM commutatum (giganteum)Whitish-Green May 36-48" Blue-black fall berries. Native.Soloman's Seal1galyes
POLYGONATUM commutatum (giganteum)Whitish-Green May 36-48" Blue-black fall berries. Native.Soloman's Seal2galyes
POLYGONATUM humile (dwarf)White May-Jun 6-12" Shade loving.Woodland plant.Soloman's Seal1qtyes
POLYGONATUM humile (dwarf)White May-Jun 6-12" Shade loving.Woodland plant.Soloman's Seal1galyes
POLYGONATUM multiflorumWhite May-Jun 18-24" Green foliage. Soloman's Seal1gal
POLYGONATUM o.'Variegatum'White May-Jun 18-24" Variegated foliage.Soloman's Seal1gal
POLYGONATUM o.'Variegatum'White May-Jun 18-24" Variegated foliage.Soloman's Seal2gal
PORTERANTHUS trifoliataWhite Jul-Aug 2-3' Bush/clump forming. Autumn color.Bowman's Root1galyes
PUMONARIA 'Opal'Ice Blue to White April-May 10-12" Silver spotted green foliage. Early spring blooms.Lungwort1gal
PULMONARIA 'Shrimps on the Barbie'Salmon pink flowers. Apr-May 10-12" Clump forming. Silver spotted foliage that prefers shade.Lungwort1galyes
PULMONARIA 'Sissinghurt White'White April-May 10-12' Green/silver spotsLungwort1gal
PULMONARIA 'Trevi Fountain'Cobalt blue. April-May 10-12" Silver spotted foliage. Floriferous. Slight sun tolerance.Lungwort1galyes
PYCNANTHEMUM muticumWhite to Pinkish Jul-Aug 24-36" Aromatic foliage and great pollinator. A native mint for the woodland edge.Clustered Mountain Mint1galnew crop
PYCNANTHEMUM tenufoliumWhite Jul-Sep 24-36" Narrow needle like foliage with profuse terminal clusters of flowers. Slender Mountain Mint1galnew crop
PYRETHRUM tan. coc. 'James Kelway'Scarlet Red/Yellow Eye Jun-Jul 18-30" Flowers sit atop fern like foliage. Remove spent blooms to encourage more buds. Double Painted Daisy1gallimited
RUDBECKIA 'American Gold Rush'Gold-Yellow/Brown Cone Jul-Sep 18-24"Black-Eyed Susan1galyes
RUDBECKIA f.'Goldsturm'Gold-Yellow/Brown Cone Jul-Sep 24-30" Black-Eyed Susan1galyes
RUDBECKIA f. var s.'Little Goldstar'Gold-Yellow/Brown Cone Jul-Sep 14-16" Bushy clump.Black-Eyed Susan1galyes
RUDBECKIA l.'Herbstonne'Sulfur Yellow/Green Cone Aug-Oct 48-72" Distinct foliage.Autumn Sun2galyes
RUDBECKIA s.'Henry Eilers'Yellow Rays/Brown Center Jul-Sep 36-60"Sweet Coneflower1galyes
RUDBECKIA s.'Henry Eilers'Yellow Rays/Brown Center Jul-Sep 36-60"Sweet Coneflower2galyes
RUDBECKIA maximaYellow/Brown Cone Jun-Jul 60-72" Blue-green foliage.Large Cone Flower 2galyes
RUELLIA humilisLavender-Blue Jun-Sep 18-24" Drought tolerant. Native.Wild Petunia1gal
SALVIA n.'Blue Hills'Light Bluish-Purple Jun-Aug 16-20" Compact habit.Meadow Sage1galyes
SALVIA n.'Caradonna'Bright Violet-Blue Jun-Jul 18-24" Upright habit.Meadow Sage1galyes
SALVIA n.'East Friesland'Violet Purple Jun-Jul 18-24" Long blooming.Meadow Sage1galyes
SALVIA n.'May Night'Deep Violet-Purple Jun-Jul 18-24" Long blooming.Meadow Sage1galyes
SALVIA n.'Rose Marvel'Rose Pink 10-12" Jun- Jul Dwarf, long blooming cultivar.Meadow Sage1galyes
SCABIOSA c.'Butterfly Blue'Lavender-Blue Jun-Sep 12-18" Lengthy bloom period.Pincushion Flower1gal
SEDUM Sunsparkler 'Dazzleberry'Raspberry Pink Aug-Sep 6-8" Smoky blue-gray foliage with vibrant blooms.Stonecrop Low Growing1gal
SEDUM Sunsparkler 'Firecracker'Pink Aug-Sep 6-9" Cherry red foliage with upright habit. Long lasting color. Stonecrop Low Growing1galyes
SEDUM Sunsparkler 'Lime Zinger'Hot Pink Aug-Sep 6-8" Lime green foliage with a contrastin red edge, Stonecrop Low Growing1galyes
SEDUM 'Little Miss Sunshine'Yellow Jun-July 6-8" Dark green foliage, compact habit. Covered with bright yellow blooms.Stonecrop Low Growing1galnew crop
SEDUM acreYellow Jun-Jul 2-3" Bright green foliage. Rapid growth.Stonecrop Low Growing1gal
SEDUM f.'Weihenstephaner Gold'Golden Yellow Jul 4-6" Glossy green foliage. Low maintenance ground cover.Stonecrop Low Growing1galyes
SEDUM r.'Angelina'Yellow Jun-Jul 3-6" Yellowish-green needle-like foliage.Stonecrop Low Growing1galrooting out
SEDUM sieboldiiPink Sep-Oct 6" Bue-gray foliage edged wine red. Arching habit.Stonecrop Low Growing1galrooting out
SEDUM spec.'Autumn Fire'Rosy Pink Aug-Sep 18-24" Long lasting blooms. Sturdy habit.Stonecrop Upright Habit1galnew crop
SEDUM spec.'Autumn Joy'Dusty Pink Aug-Sep 20-24" Flowers darken to bronzy-red.Stonecrop Upright Habit1galnew crop
SEDUM spec.'Brilliant'Carmine Pink Aug-Sep 18" Gray-green foliage. Compact habit.Stonecrop Upright Habit1gal
SEDUM spec.'Powderpuff'Rose-Pink Aug-Sep 8-10" Intermediate sedum height.Stonecrop Upright Habit1gal
SEDUM spec.'Spellbound'Pink to cream. Aug-Sept 18-20" Gray-green foliageStonecrop Upright Habit1galrooting out
SEDUM spec.'Neon'Bright Pink Aug-Sep 16-20" Light green foliage. Stonecrop Upright Habit1galrooting out
SEDUM spur.'John Creech'Round deep-green leaves with mauve flowers Jul-Aug 4-6"Stonecrop Low Growing1galyes
SEDUM t.'Munstead Dark Red'Crimson-rose Aug-Sep 12-24" Deep green foliage w a purple tinge.Stonecrop Upright Habit1gal
SEDUM ternatum White May-Jun 6" Shade tolerant native. Deer resistant groundcover.Stonecrop Low Growing1gal
SEDUM 'Thundercloud'White Jul-Aug 8-10" Heavily serrated gray-green foliage. Dwarf habit. Stonecrop Upright Habit1galrooting out
SEMPERVIVUM 'Black'White Jun-Jul 4-6" Green leaves with purple tips. Hens and Chicks1gal
SEMPERVIVUM t.'Red Heart'Pink Jun-Jul 4-6" Blue-green leaves with maroon center.Hens and Chicks1galyes
SEMPERVIVUM 'Silver King'Light Pink 2-4" Silver green leaves with a blush red base.Hens and Chicks2qt
SISYRINCHIUM angustifolium 'Lucerne'Bright Blue/Yellow May-Jul 8-10" Grass-like foliage.Blue Eyed Grass1gal
SOLIDAGO can. 'Sweety'Lemon Yellow Aug-Oct 12-18" Dwarf, compact and mounded habit. Late blooms for pollinators.Dwarf Goldenrod1galyes
SOLIDAGO rugosa 'Fireworks'Golden Yellow Sep-Oct 36-48" Compact. Clump forming.Goldenrod1gal
STACHYS b.'Fuzzy Wuzzy'Foliage Interest. Soft silvery-green felt-like foliage. 10-18"Lamb's Ear1galyes
STACHYS b.'Helene von Stein'Foliage Interest. Soft green felt-like foliage 10-12"Lamb's Ear1galyes
STACHYS b.'Silver Carpet'Foliage Interest. Soft silvery-green foliage 8-10"Lamb's Ear1galyes
STACHYS m.'Hummelo'Rosy-Purple Jul-Aug 18-24" Compact.Showy flower spikes.Betony1galyes
STACHYS m.'Hummelo'Rosy-Purple Jul-Aug 18-24" Compact.Showy flower spikes.Betony2galyes
THALICTRUM rochebrunianumLavender Jul-Aug 48-72" Airy flowers on long stems.Meadow Rue1galrooting out
THALICTRUM rochebrunianumLavender Jul-Aug 48-72" Airy flowers on long stems.Meadow Rue2galyes
THERMOPSIScarolinianaBright Yellow May-Jun 24-36" Blooms early in spring. Densely floriferous.Pea Bush1galyes
THERMOPSIScarolinianaBright Yellow May-Jun 24-36" Blooms early in spring. Densely floriferous.Pea Bush2gal
THYMUS citriodorus Pink Jun-Jul 10-12" Lemon scented foliage.Lemon Thyme1galyes
THYMUS serpyllum Pink Jun-Jul 2-3" Low groundcover.Mother of Thymetrays
THYMUS s.'Minus' Lavender Jun-Jul 1" Mat-forming. Small leaves.Elfin Thymetrays
TIARELLA cordifoliaWhite May-Jun 8-12" Native wildflower. Groundcover for shady, wooded sites.Foamflower1gal
TIARELLA c.'Oakleaf'Pinkish-White May-Jun 6-12" Dark green oak-like foliage that spreads by underrground stems.Foamflower1gal
TIARELLA c.'Running Tapestry'White May-Jun 8-12" Green foliage/burgundy red veins.Foamflower1gal
TIARELLA wherryiWhite Jun 8-12" Small clump of scalloped green leaves with sprays of airy white flowers.Foamflower1gal
TRICYRTIS h.'Variegata'White/Purple Spotting Aug-Sep 24" Variegated foliage.Toad Lily1gallimited
TRILLIUM grandiflorumWhite to Pink April-May 12" Native.White Trillium1qt
VACCINIUM angustifolium6-18" Mid-late summer berries.Lowbush Blueberry1gal
VACCINIUM a.'Top Hat'12-24" Late season berries.Lowbush Blueberry1gal
VACCINIUM c.'Bluecrop'4-6' Leading mid season cultivar. Very productive. Highbush Blueberry1gal
VACCINIUM c.'Bluejay'5-7' Early-mid season. Upright habit. Vigorous.Highbush Blueberry1gal
VACCINIUM c.'Jersey'5-8' Late season. Upright habit.Highbush Blueberry1gal
VACCINIUM c.'Polaris'3-4' Early season. Very sweet large blueberries. Tight form with high yields.Half-High Blueberry Cultivar1gal
VACCINIUM c.'Toro'July 5-6' Early-mid season. Heavy producer. Large fruit.Highbush Blueberry1gal
VACCINIUM c. x a.'Chippewa'3-4' Mid season. Compact, upright habit. Smoothly sweet berries.Half-High Blueberry Cultivar1gal
VACCINIUM c. x a.'Northcountry'18-24" Early-mid season. Sweet to mild fruit. Habit is considered one of the best for edible ladscapes.Half-High Blueberry Cultivar1gal
VACCINIUM c. x a.'Northsky'12-18" Mid-season Dense, dark green glossy foliage. Firm fruit with very good flavor.Half-High Blueberry Cultivar1gal
VERNONIA l.'Iron Butterfly'Purple Aug-Sep 30-36" Finely textured foliage with late summer bloom. Bushy habit.Ironweed1galyes
VERNONIA noveboracensisDeep Purple Aug-Sep 48-72" Long stem flower clusters.New York Ironweed2galyes
VERONICA s.'Perfectly Picasso'Med Pink Jun-Aug 20-22" Clump forming, Nice cut flower.Speedwell1galyes
VERONICA s.'Purpleicious'Purple May-Aug 16-20" Clump forming cultivar with dark purple flower spikes.Speedwell1galyes
VERONICA s.'Royal Candles'Violet-Blue Jun-Aug 12-15" Compact upright habit. Speedwell1gals/o
VERONICAs.'Royal Rembrandt'Violet-Purple Jun-Aug 15-20" Dark green foliage.Speedwell1galnew crop
VERONICA s.'Red Fox'Rose-Red Jun-Aug 12-15" Compact bushy habit.Speedwell1galyes
VERONICA 'Very Van Gogh'Purple Jun-Aug 18-20"Speedwell1 galyes
VERONICA 'Tidal Pool'Bright Violet-Blue Apr-May 2-3" Heavy bloom.Speedwell1gallimited
VERONICA p.'Waterperry Blue'Pale Blue Jun-Jul 4-6" Groundcover. Extended bloom.Speedwell1galyes
VERONICA 'Whitewater'White Jun-Jul 4-6" Sport of 'Waterperry'. Groundcover.Speedwell1galyes
VERONICA u.'Georgia Blue'Bright Blue.White Eye Apr-Jun 6-8" Reddish fall foliage. Purple-tinged foliageSpeedwell1gals/o
VERONICASTRUM virginicumWhite Jul-Aug 48-72" Slender flower spikes.Culver's Root2galyes
VERONICASTRUM v.'Albo-Rosea'White w/pink stamens May-Aug 36-48" Long blooming.Culver's Root1galyes
VIBURNUM acerifoliumWhite June 3-6'Mapleleaf Viburnum2galyes
VINCA minorLavender Apr-May 4-6" Glossy green foliage. Myrtle1trayyes
VINCA m.'Alba'White Apr-May 4-6" Glossy green foliage.Myrtle1qt
VINCA m.'Atropurpurea'Reddish-Purple Apr-May 4-6" Glossy green foliage.Myrtle1qt
VINCA m.'Bowles'Lavender Apr-May 4-6" Larger than species.Myrtle1qt
WALDSTEINIA ternataYellow May-Jun 4-6" Groundcover.Barren Strawberry4"yes
WALDSTEINIA ternataYellow May-Jun 4-6" Groundcover.Barren Strawberry1gal
XANTHORIZA simpicissimaGrown as a foliage plant 36" A spreading shrub with bright yellow roots. NativeYellowroot2galyes
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